Angie Urban

Angie Urban is a freelance writer and editor who has assisted professors for the past seven years with articles for academic journals. She has also been involved with numerous masters and doctorate students; proofreading, copyediting, formatting and reference checking their dissertations and theses. She writes cases for the case writing centre at Wits Business School.

MTN in Nigeria: Sailing Too Close to the Wind?

CASE STUDY. In July 2016, MTN’s newly appointed CEO, Rob Shuter, was considering how it was possible that the company had been fined a mammoth US$5.2 billion (R78 billion) by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in October 2015.


Massbuild: Culture “Gets it Done”

CASE STUDY. In February 2015, Llewellyn Walters, CEO of Massbuild, the building products division of Massmart, a warehouse retail organisation, was perplexed by the results of the 2014 employee engagement survey.