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    ÉTUDE DE CAS. Le cas relate l’histoire de Fadi, un homme au parcours personnel douloureux animé par une grande ambition de réussite.
  • centre-de-cas_hec.pngThe Anglo American Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility: An Evolutionary Process
    CASO. Con el presente caso en tres partes se estudia un programa de responsabilidad social empresarial muy interesante y exitoso, desde su origen con fines estratégicos hasta su implementación en una de las ubicaciones de la compañía en un país en desarrollo, en este caso Chile.
  • 841-fiat-mio-innovation-ouverte
    CASO. Este estudio de caso describe como Fiat Brasil desarrolló una plataforma colaborativa que combina participación colectiva, innovación abierta y creative commons, con el fin de desarrollar el « coche experimental futurista » llamado Fiat Mio.
  • CARNET SYNTHÈSE. Ce carnet synthèse présente les enjeux de la coordination des programmes de financement dans le champ de la petite enfance.
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  • CARNET SYNTHÈSE. Ce carnet synthèse présente une analyse des rapports entre les entreprises d'économie sociale en aide à domicile (EÉSAD) et les centres intégrés de santé et services sociaux, consécutivement à Loi de 2015 modifiant l'organisation et la gouvernance du réseau de la santé et des services sociaux.
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  • RAPPORT D'ÉVALUATION. La présente évaluation du projet « Un milieu ouvert sur ses écoles » (MOÉ) couvre la période 2011 à 2014.
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    Cas CCS

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    ÉTUDE DE CAS. De type immersif, le cas CCS porte sur une entreprise fictive du secteur pétrolier.
  • WITS.pngGame: Competing in Africa's Playing Fields
    CASE STUDY. In 2007, Jan Potgieter, chief executive of Massdiscounters (a division of Massmart), had steered Game, one of its general merchandise discounters, into investing far more vigorously in Africa.
  • centre-de-cas_hec.pngAcceptabilité sociale des projets de développement : le cas d’Hydro-Québec et la Nation crie (1970-2015)
    ÉTUDE DE CAS. Cette étude de cas porte sur l’évolution des relations entre la société d’État Hydro-Québec et la Nation crie entre 1970 et 2015 autour du projet hydroélectrique de la Baie-James.
  • centre-de-cas_hec.pngUn stage au Moulin à Musique : une danse effrénée en quête de ressources
    ÉTUDE DE CAS. Dans le cadre d’un programme en gestion d’organismes culturels, Sophie Pinard rencontre Marie-Hélène da Silva, directrice artistique du Moulin à Musique, et décide d’y faire un stage.
  • WITS.pngNihilent Technologies: Recommending Change at The Banking Association South Africa
    CASE STUDY. It was September 2008 and Ravi Teja, associate vice president and head of enterprise transformation at the global consulting company, Nihilent, was waiting to meet with his team to review their progress on The Banking Association South Africa project.
  • centre-de-cas_hec.pngArt Souterrain ou l’école du travail professionnel
    ÉTUDE DE CAS. Art Souterrain est un festival d’art contemporain qui présente des œuvres publiques dans le Montréal Souterrain.
  • CASE STUDY. In the early 2000s, the eThekwini Municipality, which included the large city of Durban in the province of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa embarked on a strategy to turn Durban into a ‘Smart City’.
  • WITS.pngZest : A Driving Force in Motors
    CASE STUDY. Johannesburg-based Zest, well respected in the electric motor industry, was the only distributor of WEG motors throughout southern Africa.
  • WITS.pngNdaba Ntsele: Entrepreneurial Vision
    CASE STUDY. On 19 May 2010, Ndaba Ntsele – Ernst & Young World Best Entrepreneur (SA, 2007) and CEO of Pamodzi Investment Holdings (PIH), a diversified investment company – was preparing for the launch of Pamodzi Aviation the next day.
  • WITS.pngTeam Barloworld:  Building a Global Brand
    CASE STUDY. It was July 2008 and the Tour de France had just finished. Barloworld Ltd, an industrial brand management company, had sponsored one of the teams that took part – named Team Barloworld.
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    CASE STUDY. A few days before the JSE Limited (JSE) and the Bond Exchange of South Africa Limited (BESA) merged on 22 June 2009, Nicky Newton-King, deputy CEO of the JSE, –who had been tasked with leading the integration of the two organisations – reviewed what she had done so far and the plans she had put in place to ensure a smooth integration.
  • WITS.pngFoschini Group Ltd: Transforming HR
    CASE STUDY. Foschini Group’s (FOS) Shani Naidoo was in excellent spirits when she walked out of a two-day group strategy meeting in October 2009.
  • WITS.pngFirst National Bank: Developing a Cuture of Innovation
    CASE STUDY. It was mid-September 2010. All 50 finalists in the annual First National Bank (FNB) Innovators Campaign were about to present their ideas to the judges.
  • WITS.pngAltech - Pioneer in the South African ICT Industry: Path to Restructuring (Part A)
    CASE STUDY. In 2010, Craig Venter, CEO of Allied Technologies Limited (Altech), reflected on Altech‟s successful growth over the past 14 years.
  • WITS.pngCoca-Cola’s MDCs: Distribution Effectiveness vs Social Responsibility?
    CASE STUDY. By June 2010, The Coca-Cola Company’s (Coca-Cola) micro distribution centre (MDC) network in Africa had proven to be incredibly successful. Coca-Cola had built up the network to distribute its products through small, independent local entrepreneurs to even smaller outlets, enabling the company to reach markets that traditionally had been very difficult to access.
  • WITS.pngAltech – The Battle for Self-provision (Part B)
    CASE STUDY. Altech was already well on its new strategic path when a series of events in 2004 forced it to take a legal stand against the South African government – more specifically, the Department of Communications (DoC).
  • WITS.pngPhodiclinics’ Acquisition of New Protector: Increasing Concentration?
    CASE STUDY. On 31 October 2006, executives at the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) and private hospital group Netcare were eager to hear the Competition Tribunal’s decision regarding the acquisition of the New Protector Group hospitals by Phodiclinics (Pty) Ltd (a division of the Medi-Clinic Group) and DHJ Defty.
  • WITS.png
    CASE STUDY. The Competition Act of 1998 came into force in South Africa on 1 September 1999, and enabled the establishment of three bodies: the Competition Commission (the Commission), The Competition Tribunal (the Tribunal) and the Competition Appeal Court (CAC).
  • WITS.pngA Mining Case Study: What Went Wrong and What Should Have Happened?
    CASE STUDY. The year 2011 had been a difficult one for Jack Smith, group organisational development manager of a South African mining contracting group.