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J. David M. Wood

J. David M. Wood

J. David M. Wood is a member of the faculty in Operations Management at The Ivey Business School as well as a graduate of both the HBA and MBA programs. He has spent many years in industry as the Director of Sales and Marketing in the US and then VP Manufacturing before becoming President for W. C. Wood Company, a global manufacturer of home appliances. David has had extensive experience in international business, mergers and acquisitions, and currently sits on several corporate boards. David has received the David G. Burgoyne award for teaching and is currently the faculty director of the MBA program.

Writing Cases (fifth edition, 2019)

DIGITAL BOOK. The fifth edition of this best seller set is a clear and practical guide on how to write good cases quickly. Case writing is identified as a three-phase process with major quality checks along the way. Writing Cases is only available as a two book set in combination with Learning with Cases.

Teaching with Cases (third edition, 2017)

DIGITAL BOOK. This book is written for those interested in participative learning. It is designed to make life easier for all new case teachers and to expand the horizons of those more seasoned. Coverage includes preparation for class using the Case Teaching Plan, classroom management, evaluation of student contributions to class discussions, case use variations and case use in a non-case environment. Teaching with Cases is only available as a two book set in combination with Learning with Cases.

Learning with Cases (fifth edition, 2018)

DIGITAL BOOK. Learning with Cases is a comprehensive and practical guide. Its clear and simple, step by step approach will enhance individual preparation, small group discussion and classroom performance. Faithfully repeating the three stage learning process will enable participants to become more successful professionals in their chosen career.