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Pooneh Maghoul

Pooneh Maghoul

Dr. Pooneh Maghoul is an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering and the Director of the Sustainable Infrastructure and Geomechanical Laboratory (SIGLab) at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Maghoul has over 14 years of research and development, and industrial experience in Canada and France. Her research focuses on Multiscale Poromechanics of Complex Media, Computational Geomechanics, Software Development, Multiscale Non-Invasive Characterization of Heterogeneous Geomaterials, Fundamental Behaviors of Geomaterials, Wave Analysis, Geohazards (landslide, earthquake, and climate change), Seismic Site Effects, Northern Infrastructure, Permafrost, Renewable Geothermal Energy, Soil-Structure Interaction, Bio-Inspired Solutions Toward Sustainable and Smart Geotechnics. She received her MSc (2007) and PhD (2010) at Ecole des Ponts ParisTech in Civil Engineering in France.

GeoNDT: A Physics-based Non-destructive Testing Software

SOFTWARE. GeoNDT is a fast, physics-based, general-purpose computational tool mainly for advanced signal interpretation in geophysical laboratory non-destructive testing including the bender element (BE) and ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) tests, characterization of complex multiphase geomaterials, in-situ shallow seismic geophysics including the falling weight deflectometer (FWD) and multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW) tests.

SiteQUAKE: A Seismic Site Effect Software

SOFTWARE. SiteQUAKE is a computational software developed mainly for 2D seismic site effect analyses, in the field of soil science and (geotechnical) civil engineering. The product benefits from a hybrid Finite Element/Boundary Element (FE/BE) numerical framework which can be widely used in various geotechnical engineering problems.