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Veronika Kisfalvi

Veronika Kisfalvi

Veronika Kisfalvi est professeure titulaire au service de l'enseignement du management à HEC Montréal.

Expertises : Leadership, habiletés de direction, comportement organisationnel, nouvelles technologies et enseignement.

Linda Powell

CASE STUDY. This case presents the difficulties that Linda Powell, Chief Financial Officer for a non-profit organization, is experiencing with her boss.

Eleanor Roosevelt: A Late Bloomer, a Great Leader

CASE STUDY. Coming from a wealthy family on the East Coast of the United States, niece of a President, wife of a President, woman with, in many respects, an avant-garde spirit, a model for many, Eleanor Roosevelt had all the qualities of a fairy-tale’s heroine. Her life was however nothing of the sort.