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Veronique Strimelle

Veronique Strimelle

Véronique Strimelle is associate professor. She did a master degree in History in Louvain-la-Neuve University (Belgium) and a Ph.D. degree in Criminology (Montreal University). As a doctoral student, she received a doctoral scholarship (CRSH). She then received a postdoctoral scholarship and pursued her research in the university of Ottawa. She is specialized in mediation and conflict resolution. Her last scientific productions were devoted to theoretical approaches in restorative justice and on social mediation. Her other research interests relate to the history of penal institutions for young delinquents, social reintegration of persons in conflict with the law and the forms of post-institutional control. She is presently initiating a new research project on the different forms of radicalisation in prisons.

Droits et voix – Rights and Voices: La criminologie a l’Universite d’Ottawa – Criminology at the University of Ottawa

LIVRE NUMÉRIQUE. L’histoire du département de ses origines à nos jours en mettant l’accent sur les débats théoriques qui ont influencé son approche critique et autoréflexive de la criminologie.

DIGITAL BOOK. The history of the department from its origins to today, focusing on the theoretical debates that have influenced its critical and self reflexive approach to criminology.