Bellesdents: A Failed Project

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CASE STUDY. The results of a re-evaluation of the potential market for the new Bellesdents toothpaste were so negative that the manufacturer, Zélion, immediately ceased all activities undertaken to date to produce the product and bring it to market.


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Bellesdents: A Failed Project: Abstract

Bellesdents: A Failed Project is a cas study by Arnaud Stimec and Jean Poitras.

A reassessment of the market potential for a new toothpaste – Bellesdents – generated such negative results that product manufacturer Zélion recently halted all activities to produce and bring it to market. This decision has had many impacts, one of which involves the installation of the production line developed and assembled by subcontractor Konsept Group. Times are tough for all, and the business ties between Zélion and Konsept Group are put to the test – both parties, seeking to minimize their losses, can’t agree on their contract’s termination terms. With the help of their respective lawyers, they’ve agreed to hold a final meeting before taking the matter to court.

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