Reconceptualizing Teacher Education: A Canadian Contribution to a Global Challenge

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DIGITAL BOOK. This book counters the cultural homogenization of global policy. It examines the integrity of teacher education in particular places, serving particular communities, at particular historical moments.


Reconceptualizing Teacher Education: A Canadian Contribution to a Global Challenge: Abstract

In this collection, Canadian scholars articulate a response to their collective concerns about the impact of global policy on teacher education, provoking a far-reaching dialogue about teacher education in and for our times.

The first two decades of the new millennium have witnessed unprecedented appraisal, analysis, and educational policy formulations related to teaching (K–12) across the Western world. In turn, teacher education has been greatly impacted, as governments around the world see the reform and management of teacher education as a key component in restructuring education toward greater economic competitiveness. The result has been an unwarranted and undesirable level of standardization. It is vital to the future of teacher education, and concomitantly public education, that we imagine alternatives to the homogenization of the educational experience that globalizing policies install. What is needed are vocabularies that enable educators and teacher educators to discern and articulate educational purposes beyond capital and which focus on the kinds of educational experiences that can help prepare the young to lead good and worthwhile lives.

Using lessons learned from the Canadian context, the authors identify and investigate the importance of initial and continuing professional education that fosters teachers’ intellectual freedom and study; advances an informed and critical appreciation of civic particularity and historical circumstance; and cultivates ethical (i.e., pedagogical) engagement with ideas and histories—teachers’ own and their students—as crucial themes of teacher education globally.

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