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WORKBOOK AND PLANNER. myPath’s mission is to help graduate students achieve their goals using an Individual Development Plan (IDP).


myPath IDP Workbook and Planner: Abstract

The myPath IDP Workbook and Planner were created by Lorna MacEachern.

“Goal setting is an important predictor of success in university, and can help you transition successfully into your chosen career. By planning and aligning your activities with your goals and tracking your progress, you can enhance your wellbeing and greatly increase your chances of achieving your goals.”

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

myPath’s mission is to help students and postdocs pursue their goals using an Individual Development Plan (IDP). An IDP is essentially a personal roadmap that guides someone from where they are now to where they want to be. The myPath IDP workbook and planner are part of a suite of tools and programs designed to help graduate students and postdoctoral fellows identify their goals, create an IDP, and track their progress.

The myPath IDP workbook and planner were developed and refined based on best practices described in the literature and extensive consultations with students (10 focus groups, survey results, and individual usability sessions). Guidance and additional input was provided by the McGill IDP Advisory Board. Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies also invited feedback from faculty and staff and consulted with experts across campus.

myPath IDP Workbook

Designed to be used annually, this workbook will walk you through a comprehensive collection of self-assessment and reflection exercises designed to help you identify your skills, interests, and values, so that you can create a meaningful Individual Development Plan based on your vision and priorities for the upcoming year.

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myPath Planner

An agenda companion to the myPath workbook, the myPath planners are structured to encourage you to set your goals each semester, to identify specific projects that you want to work on monthly and to plan your weekly tasks. The planners are divided into 3 semesters (Autumn, Winter, Summer).


To provide graduate students with explicit academic, career, and professional development goal-setting tools to help them prepare for their post-degree careers.

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  • Graduate students


  • myPath IDP Workbook
  • mPath Planner

Table of contents

IDP Workbook

The myPath IDP Workbook consists of 3 modules divided into 7 steps. Below is the table of contents which describes the modules, along with the headers for each of the steps. Each step represents an exercise designed based on literature and student feedback to facilitate the process of goal selection and attainment.

Module 1: Reflect & Assess | Spending 2–3 hours once a year to reflect on your needs, interests and abilities can go a long way towards creating meaningful plan. This module contains a variety of self-reflection exercises to help you better understand yourself and see how you have developed over time.

  •    Step 1 Reflect on Last Year
  •    Step 2 Understand Your Values
  •    Step 3 Identify Your Areas for Growth

Module 2: Brainstorm Your Future | Now that you know yourself better, you will be better positioned to explore the options for your future. This module will help you to visualize and articulate your priorities so that you can focus on relevant goals and activities when you create your IDP.

  •    Step 4 Imagine the Future
  •    Step 5 Create Your Vision

Module 3: Create your IDP | Create a meaningful plan for the next year based on your vision for next year and beyond. This module will walk you through the steps of creating an IDP that will map out and define specific goals and activities that you want to pursue over the next year. If you find it difficult to articulate your goals, consider going back to “Reflect & Assess” or “Brainstorm Your Future.”

  •    Step 6 Make a Plan
  •    Step 7 Complete Your IDP


The myPath Planner combines a condensed version of the 3 modules with fewer exercises and a four month agenda with reflection exercises incorporated throughout at the weekly and monthly level:

Module 1: Create Your Goals

  • Top Three Activities
  • Reflective Questions
  • Brainstorm your Goals
  • Create your Semester IDP

Module 2: Agenda

  • Map out your IDP
  • Create your Weekly Schedule
  • Monthly Brainstorm / Weekly Plan
  • Monthly Reflection
  • Reflect on your Semester

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