Scripting Feminist Ethics in Teacher Education

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DIGITAL BOOK. This book models teaching ethics and ethical thinking through a feminist lens.


Scripting Feminist Ethics in Teacher Education: Abstract

What is the value and place of feminist teaching in common schooling and teacher education? In an open style of writing in philosophy of education, the authors combine original dramatized case studies and allegorical, first-person narratives to analyze key concepts for teachers in relation to radical feminist consciousness-raising.

They examine values relativism as antithetical to “good” teaching; the history and practice of feminist consciousness-raising as corrective to the dominant model of moral deliberation in professional ethics; youth cyber-bullying as an example of Italian feminist philosopher Adriana Caverero’s claim that ‘horror is the face of woman;’ and the value of paradox, contradiction and myth in counter-balancing material-realist certainty in teaching, research, and policy-making in public education. Supplements to the five chapters offer additional ideas for introducing feminist teaching practices, through discussion and performance, into professional ethics for pre- and in-service teacher education.

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