From the University of Manitoba, eValorix is pleased to offer this new software. SiteQUAKE is a computational software developed mainly for 2D seismic site effect analyses, in the field of soil science and (geotechnical) civil engineering. The product benefits from a hybrid Finite Element/Boundary Element (FE/BE) numerical framework which can be widely used in various geotechnical engineering problems.

SiteQUAKE aims to numerically analyze the effect of topographic irregularities and geotechnical properties of soil deposits on seismic behavior of a site. Furthermore, the product can be used for the design, construction and rehabilitation planning of geostructures subject to quasi-static or dynamic loadings. Different geomechanical and geometrical aspects, e.g. various constitutive behaviours, soil surface and rocky bed topographies, saturation of soil medium and so on, can be taken into account in the analyses performed by SiteQUAKE.

Both academic and commercial licenses are available at eValorix.

SiteQUAKE: A Seismic Site Effect Software